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6 Week Cake and Buttercream Course

Learn the baking basics behind Le Dolci’s swoon-worthy cakes in this 6-week course.


Become the cake decorator you've always dreamed to be

... Bake cakes that are delicious and sturdy enough to decorate 
... Stack and level cakes to perfection every time
... Buttercream your cakes with crisp edges and clean lines
... Master the chocolate drip to the delight of family and friends
... Ignite your passions to create more advanced cakes you can gift to loved ones 


Level up your caking skills

In this part, you’ll learn the science of baking cakes and test out your skills by baking 6 different recipes. In this part, you’ll dive deep into the wonder of buttercreams, testing out the most popular icings.
In this part, you’ll learn to stack, mask and comb your cake to perfection - decorating essentials.




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Create Insta-worthy cakes in just 6 weeks

Yes, it’s possible! Our talented team of dessert experts are ready to show you their fool-proof tricks to bake up and decorate the perfect cake. 
Like these ones made by our very own students!

Le Dolci's step-by-step curriculum

Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction

Before class starts, there are a few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go on for your first class. Le Dolci’s Lisa Sanguedolce explains how to get set up and what you’ll need to have and know ahead of time to get the most out of this course.

Part 1: Cake

Weeks 1: Vanilla Cake Two Ways
Start with the most popular of Le Dolci’s cakes - vanilla! You’ll also get a tutorial on the fundamentals of baking - from tools and scaling to oven temperatures and the science of gluten. 
  • Lesson 1: Tools and scaling
  • Lesson 2: Butter vs. oil theory
  • Lesson 3: Vanilla butter cake
  • Lesson 4: Baking instructions and oven temperatures
  • Lesson 5: Vanilla oil cake
  • Lesson 6: All about gluten
Week 2: Chocolate and Acid
It’s time for all things chocolate cake. Test out Le Dolci’s signature chocolate cake and learn the science behind red velvet cake.
  • Lesson 1: Acid vs. alkaline
  • Lesson 2: Chocolate cake
  • Lesson 3: Red velvet cake
Week 3: Glorious Sponge Cakes
Sponge cakes are delightful, but they can be intimidating. Learn the secrets to baking up feather-light sponge that are tasty and impressive. 
  • Lesson 1: It’s all in the egg
  • Lesson 2: Classic Genoise cake
  • Lesson 3: Separating eggs
  • Lesson 4: Traditional sponge cake

Part 2: Buttercream

Week 4: The Icing on the Cake
Let’s dive deep into all things buttercream. Master the techniques behind Le Dolci’s smoothest buttercreams and discover your favourite.
  • Lesson 1: The wonderful world of buttercream
  • Lesson 2: American buttercream
  • Lesson 3: Swiss meringue buttercream
  • Lesson 4: Buttercream troubleshooting
  • Lesson 5: Simple syrup and soaks

Part 3: Decorating

Week 5: It’s a Naked Cake
What’s behind every beautifully decorated cake? Well-soaked and stacked layers, and crisp corners. All of which you’ll practice as you make your very own naked cake. 
  • Lesson 1: Naked cake?!
  • Lesson 2: Prepping your cake layers
  • Lesson 3: How to stack a cake
  • Lesson 4: Creating a naked cake and crisp buttercream corners
  • Lesson 5: How to make chocolate ganache
  • Lesson 6: It’s time to chocolate drip
  • Lesson 7: Cleaning up the cake board
Week 6: Masking, Cake Combs and Simple Buttercream Finishes
You’re now ready to learn and practice the decorating fundamentals behind those Instagram-worthy cake creations you love. 
  • Lesson 1: Masking time
  • Lesson 2: Crumb coat and chill
  • Lesson 3: How to mask a cake
  • Lesson 4: Buttercream colours and ombre effect
  • Lesson 5: Simple buttercream textures
  • Lesson 6: Comb your cake?



Upcoming sessions:

Sweet Words From Students

"I recently completed Le Dolci's Cake and Buttercream 6-Week Course and was so pleased with the content. If you're curious about cake decorating - whether or not you have baking experience - this course is for you! The weekly virtual class meetings were helpful in addressing my questions, and it was a great opportunity to meet with classmates to discuss our experience with a particular lesson. Lisa and her team are lovely, supportive, knowledgeable, and have created a safe, fun, and inclusive learning environment. In six weeks, I learned how to make beautiful cakes, and can genuinely say my experience has shaped where I want to take my cake journey. I'm looking forward to the Advanced Level course coming in Autumn 2021. Thank you Lisa and Team!"

If you’re a budding baker or aspiring cake artist, this course is for you

This course is designed for students of all levels of experience. No matter your level, you’ll walk away with: 
  • 10 original recipes tested and perfected by Le Dolci’s chefs (and enjoyed by countless customers)
  • 30+ video tutorials to help you learn the techniques and skills to master cake baking and decorating
  • 2 decorated cakes you’ll be proud to post to Instagram (and, then, get to eat) 
  • Hands-on experience baking and decorating cakes from the comfort of your own kitchen
  • Feedback on your cake creations directly from Le Dolci’s very own cake artists 
  • Weekly live community calls to get support from Le Dolci’s community of cake creators
  • Fool-proof tips and tricks to avoid (and troubleshoot) common cake mistakes
  • Decorating secrets that will level up your baking and decorating skills

Learn directly from Le Dolci's talented cake artists

Mixing self-guided videos and live community tutorials, Le Dolci’s team of cake artists come together to teach you everything they know about baking the perfect cakes and the smoothest buttercreams.


Le Dolci’s Cake and Buttercream Fundamentals includes...

...6-weeks of immersive curriculum to level up your baking and decorating skills
...Personalized feedback from Le Dolci’s chefs and cake artists
...Join a community of budding cake enthusiasts who are ready to cheer you on
...Access 10 fan-favourite Le Dolci recipes
...Access to video lessons, recipes and community for 30 days after your course ends
...Certificate of Completion by Le Dolci Bakery and Culinary Classroom


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t covered here, email us.

Who is this course for?
This course is for all skill levels, whether you’re new to baking , a hobbyist who wants to build up their skills or a more experienced baker looking to fine-tune their techniques. Each lesson is designed so you can learn fundamental principles of baking and decorating, and give you the opportunity to practice. 

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a 6-week learning experience that will level up your baking knowledge and skills, under the guidance and with the support of trained and experienced cake artists, this course is for you.

How much baking knowledge and experience do I need to take this course?
This class is jam-packed with information and you’ll likely get different things out of it depending on your level of baking knowledge today. If you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry - each lesson is self-contained and fully comprehensive. If you have some experience, this course will give you a strong foundation to build upon. And, if you’re more advanced, you’ll appreciate the huge range of deeper techniques, tips and creative strategies we have to offer.

How does the 6-week course work, exactly?
Enrolled students will join the 6-week course at the same time, so you have a community of aspiring bakers to support and inspire you. Each week, you’ll sign into the Le Dolci classroom to watch the video lessons and work through each of the assignments on your own. 

By Sunday evening, you’ll submit photos of your cake creations which will be reviewed by Le Dolci’s chefs, who will provide you personalized feedback. 
Once a week, you can join our live community call where you can connect with other students and Le Dolci’s chefs to talk all things cakes, review the week’s activities and ask any questions.

After 6 weeks, you’ll have decorated 2 cakes, applying the new skills, techniques and ideas you’ve learned and practiced throughout the course. 

What is the time commitment for this class
This course has been designed to be completed over 6 weeks. It is self-guided, so within each week you can watch the videos and complete your assignments at a time that works best for you. You can expect to spend about 3 hours each week watching videos and completing assignments. 

Homework is due Sunday evening, and Le Dolci’s chefs will review and return their feedback by Monday afternoon.

Are classes live? Do I have to log on at a specific time?
The video lessons included in each weekly module have been pre-recorded and can be watched whenever is best for you. 

However, there are several scheduled times you’ll want to keep in mind. Homework is due to be submitted on Sunday evening to stay on track with your cohort. This will allow the chefs to mark your assignments and return their feedback ahead of the community call. 

Also, the community call will be scheduled via Zoom at a set time once a week. This is your opportunity to connect live with other students to discuss the week’s activities, and support and inspire each other creatively. 

What tools and equipment will I need for this class?
Most of the things you’ll need are likely already in your kitchen: things like an oven, a refrigerator, bowls and measuring cups. You’ll also want to common baking equipment on hand, too, like a stand or hand mixer, scale, parchment paper or silicone sheets, cake pans. 

Once you enrol, you’ll receive a full checklist of equipment and ingredients you’ll need to complete the weekly assignments. 

What happens if I miss an assignment deadline or don’t finish the class on time?
We recommend that you follow the curriculum as it’s laid out. This will help you stay on track with the other students in your class, so you can keep supporting and inspiring each other. Committing to the schedule is also the best way to build momentum in your cake decorating journey. 

If you do fall behind, we’ll still be here ready to cheer you on. As much as this course was designed to build your baking skills, it’s also an opportunity to get creative and have fun. 

Will I still have access to the class after the 6 weeks?
Yes, you will have access to all video lessons and recipes for a full 30 days after your course ends.

How much does the class cost?
This 6-week, immersive course is $160, plus applicable taxes. That’s less than $30 a week to access an online step-by-step curriculum that will level up your baking and decorating skills, and have you enjoy creative time in the kitchen. 

Does it matter what time zone I’m in?
You can take this course from anywhere in the world. The lessons are pre-recorded, so you can watch them around your own schedule. No matter your time zone, assignments are due on Sunday evening, and personalized feedback will be provided to you via our online platform. 

Where things might get tricky for those in different time zones is our live community calls. Le Dolci is based in Toronto, Canada and community calls will be scheduled in the early evenings during the week. Day and time will vary between each session. 

What if I’m busy right now? Can I enrol later?
We know it can be hard to fit in personal creative time within your busy day. That’s why we created a course that can fit into almost anyone’s busy week. But if you can’t make it to our next session, don’t worry, we’ll run this course once again in 6 weeks’ time.

Still have questions? Email us.

Bake and decorate with more confidence


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